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Nafs: breathing - Interscendent art

As part of the Nafs: breathing solo art exhibition at the South African National Arts Festival, I filled a separate room entitled Interior room: interscendent with a series of paintings created with a flow of acrylic, guided by palate knife on paper. I began working with the idea of representing yoga asanas about six months ago, using charcoal and pen and concentrating on body forms. Over time, I have reworked, rethought and recreated the style. In conjunction with this, I have undergone an emotive and bodily healing process linked to my yoga, and fittingly the paintings have become more bold, free and abstract. 

The unfolding breath: nafs poem

The unfolding breath: nafs poem

There are these moments.

Ruptures, in the flow of life when you

reveal yourself in naked acceptance.

Reality fractures

and a shard of certainty slices through the clotted flesh of doubt.