On average, three times per week I have a green detox juice for lunch. This is an excellent way to boost your body's natural ability to detoxify, to stimulate your metabolism and to cleanse the gut. Its like a 'detox maintenance' tonic with great gut health benefits. I am prone to IBS symptoms and periodic constipation - having this juice three times per week has helped tremendously. In addition, the juice is energising!

A lot of us don't even realise the amount of gunk stuck in our intestines, rotting  and baking away (yuck!) - this makes the whole system feel toxic and slows the body's ability to eliminate solid waste naturally.

There are some important things to consider when integrating it into your diet. The first is: well sourced ingredients. I use organic vegetables, recently picked. I make sure that I do not use pre-cut/pre-prepared packaged vegetables, or vegetables that have been transported far in cold/frozen storage containers. Of course, I avoid all fresh produce that has been sprayed with pesticides. This is imperative; you want to get as many nutrients as possible and you do not want to be imbibing more toxins (pesticides) through the process - that would make it an entirely self-defeating exercise!

Furthermore, I always have my juice with a plant-based source of fat and protein. The juice is powerful - you need to line the gut and nourish whilst you detox. I highly recommend having a generous portion of avocado and a few sprouts with it.

Lastly - drink it immediately. Do not prepare this juice in the morning and have it hours later. As soon as you juice something you start loosing nutrients.

This is my basic recipe (I vary it slightly with availability and seasons):

Midweek Detox Green Juice

4/5 large leaves of swiss chard/kale

Handful of fennel leaves

Handful of mint leaves

1 (2 small) green apple(s)*

2  cucumbers (the ones you see in the shop are not how they really grow. Organic ones are much smaller!)**

half a lemon/lime with rind on.

*Substitutes when out of season are pineapple, pear or orange.

**Great substitutes here are: green peppers; parsley stalks; celery herb (the big white snapping celery we get in supermarkets is so unrealistic!); courgettes; green beans; fennel bulbs.