The Unfolding Breath: Nafs

Expressions of unity in the present moment


There are these moments.

Ruptures, in the flow of life when you

reveal yourself in naked acceptance.

Reality fractures

and a shard of certainty slices through the clotted flesh of doubt.

Lightness hits you, jolts you, penetrates you, and

… flattens out …

in an infinite expansion and destruction

of all reasoning and sense perception.


You give into the interior skin, the exterior crevasse, the upwards and the down

- contracting – extending.

Lightness is an explosion of knowing, of being, of contentment

It is connected to energy … breath

It is transcendent through and grounded in the body:

Life unfolds to reveal itself to you.

Within and without

profoundly corporeal; unified and present.

The unfolding